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SAP was created in 1990 by the passion of martial arts derived from it's founder Alfonso Pio Sgarro.

After a very successful career in the professional ranks, which brought him to win numerous international and national titles, Master Sgarro, decided to use his knowledge and experience from over 25 years in the sport, to design and create his own brand of protective equipment , with a standard higher than all other brands in terms of quality, design, comfort wear and protection.

With this in mind, SAP FIGHTING TRIBE was born and in a very short period, it became the world's leading martial arts brand.

From gloves, to boxing bags and headguards, SAP's fame and continual success, it expanded its's brand to a full set of articles including clothing wear for competition and leisure (both more best knows as the Made In Italy brand).

Now, with nearly 30 years in the business and still growing, SAP Fighting Tribe is transformed in to SAP Fighting Style; a brand and mark that is known all over the combat world and is now exporting in over 20 countries, offering a wide range of choices from the amateur to complete professional, all with high quality and completely unique designs.

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